GDPR Assist - Services

GDPR Compliance Assessment


Sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees.  We can perform a full assessment of your organisation at a senior management level to identify where gaps exist in your current GDPR compliance.

GDPR Advice & Documentation


Stressed out about GDPR Article 30 records of processing?  Unsure whether you're acting as a Data Contoller or Data Processor?  Data Protection Impact Assessments causing you sleepless nights?  Privacy notices getting you down?  We can help with all of that - simply and clearly assisting you in your GDPR compliance journey

GDPR Staff Awareness & Training


We offer engaging, lighthearted staff awareness sessions to raise understanding of the principles and rights associated with GDPR.  

We'll come to you and run this at your site



For my subscribed clients I offer the option of acting as your Data Protection Officer.  I do like to get to know you and your compliance state first, so this is normally a service which I offer after already having provided you with some help and assistance

A Package to Suit You


We offer an excellent subscription based service as well as hourly or daily rates for ad-hoc work.  Subscribers get the benefit of up to 5 hours of professional services per month included in their subscription, plus reduced rates for further work.  All the details are on our pricing page.

CIVIC Cookie Control

Cookie control

GDPR Assist are partnering with CIVIC to provide the best cookie control tool available on the market.  The law is clear:  you must obtain clear consent from your website users before placing any non-essential cookies on their device.  The CIVIC tool gives you an easy way to do this - and it's the same tool the ICO use on their own site!

EU Representative

EU Representative

UK Business planning for post Brexit EU trading?  Non-EU business trading in the EU?  You may well need to appoint an EU Representative to comply with GDPR - we can help