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EU Representative

If you are a non-EU based business trading in the EU you may well need an EU representative to satisfy the requirements of GDPR Article 27.    

Requirement for an EU Representative

GDPR Article 27 stipulates that for businesses who are not based in the EU, and who are either:

  •   Offering goods or services directly to data subjects (i.e. people), or
  •   Monitoring their behaviour within the EU

then you will probably need to appoint a representative, based in the EU who will act as the point of contact for both supervisory authorities in the EU and also for data subjects themselves.

There are exceptions to this requirement, so do contact us and we can assess the need on your behalf.

GDPR Assist have partnered with EU Rep, an EU representative service based in Ireland who can provide you with the service you need to comply with GDPR Article 27.

As a client of GDPR Assist you will receive a discount on the signing up fee with EU Rep.

Contact us to find out more.